The importance of having the right literary agent cannot be underscored enough. We build and maintain relationships with editors and publishing houses who know that material we send is worth seeing. We navigate offers, we understand and negotiate contracts, and we maintain constant understanding and awareness of trends and standards in an industry that can change rapidly.  We are the liaison between author and publisher, and we work closely with both. Such a relationship depends on mutual trust and is often built on an initial leap of faith. So it is very important that both author and agent feel comfortable and confident in each other. Before submitting material we encourage you to research various agencies and agents that might best suit your needs, and might be most interested in your material.

We are always happy to look at material that intrigues us, but please note that due to the volume of queries we receive, we cannot respond to queries if they do not indicate a basic awareness of who we are and what we represent. Again, due to the volume of submissions, we can only respond to queries we would like to see more of, and we will not respond to queries or general questions via phone.

If you have a completed manuscript, and would like to submit it to the Helen Heller Agency, please email the agent you feel would be most suitable with a brief introduction of yourself and synopsis of your book. Samples can be included, but no more than three chapters. Submissions sent by post will not be returned. 

We do not represent screenplays, cookbooks, or picture books.

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